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Byron E. Montgomery

Footage credit Mel Lowe, from night after the shooting.

We were asked by a publisher, to produce a series of articles on politics in the United States. Each article would contain information about particular political events. These are events historical, and some events joyful, and mostly horrible incidents that push the public to think politically. I’m from Dallas. Recently a month of shootings garnered extra attention when five officers were allegedly slain by Micah Johnson, or were they?
The public was shocked, tempers were frayed. People were saying hurtful things. One dividing point was the list of victims. The grieving families of slain officers had their list, but it was one name short to the Mother of the alleged shooter, Micah Johnson. All we have heard forensically is that there is more to be revealed by the Dallas Police Department. The body was exploded to unrecognizable smithereens. Micah might have been identifiable if you had the forensics lab, and the crime scene, and many would say it was him, he had had enough or was just crazy.
He can never be autopsied, but he is gone from his mother, dead. That one fact remains among all the non facts, sitting here as just another peasant with no forensic lab of my own and a bag full of suspicions. That’s the US activist take, because there are so many false flag type public bamboozlings coming to light, thanks to the leakers. That’s why the count was higher to one Mother, and to several activists. Then the mental issue was pushed even further to the front to explain the very Mohican-like Korryn Gaines. She’s the Black militant mother who barricaded herself with a shotgun and her infant child, to in her own words “resist kidnapping”. That would make a total of 7 deaths in quick succession, probably more. I only considered there was one other (in Baton Rouge), and then there was one devastating more (Korryn Gaines). A pattern of constant violence was seen, with divisive guesses flying like wildfire.
So many killed by officers, and now officers, just laborers, killed! What could possibly be the goal, since it’s supposed to be a conspiracy? If you look at the accusations of guilt from both sides on social media, they were at one another’s throats along stark racial lines, as opposed to economic lines, where we have been fighting. If stirring up the public to fighting injustices as a multiracial public is being accomplished, that just might do the trick in creating concern. Thus, some find it logical to assume that a division was the goal; if you are an activist you probably feel so. The story of Micah Johnson and the slain public servants raises all kinds of questions to a Nation, and had their attention all that month.
It might have been a case of mental illness for Micah Johnson, or he may be a member of a group whose women and children were dying under a nonchalance he could no longer bear, as their so called protector. Imagine you are a Scotsman, or an ancient Aztec. You have been at peace with the colonists, but now after many deaths among your people, you have decided to fight back. That’s when the Celts declared war on the Saxons. No one gets mad; it’s supposed to be Celts kick the Saxons out, even if it didn’t end that way.
Again, speculation flows for facts and you dear reader, pay me to speculate. Not this time, no scientific facts, just witnesses, comrades of the dead. He was a real soldier, in a real war, who had perhaps reached his fight back moment, according to dedicated, community serving Black militants I spoke with, he was real! But did he really die, or perhaps get disappeared? That’s what you tend to think. He wasn’t described as crazy by these witnesses, just a soldier, willing to obey the chain of command and with the same Babas advising him.

for his chain of command. He would make a great target, if you wanted to disappear someone, who could later be a combatant against illegal actions you take. He was portrayed by militants and activists as someone who would not have broken that chain to go rogue. It might be that he was never even in the garage, there’s not forensics labs, nor forensic officers who could independently show us under a microscope, that this was this, or that was that, so we have only the context in which these things are written, if plainly.
Each faction of us meant for division, if goals are outcomes, had a unique non forensic explanation of what occurred. The Police, the shaken activists on the ground who strived to get footage, the various Black Militant organizations, the Klan, everyone’s explanation fitted their philosophy! We here are supposed to keep a promise of a philosophy of only fact, and we’re so sorry that there are none. No forthcoming witness among activists has told this reporter otherwise.
In the aftermath I found myself getting in public spaces like chat rooms, and treating everyone as if they were all knights in a round table. I treated other human beings of all different races in the game space, this way. There was no memory of the harm to each other the past had seen from these races. Or, if the decks of harm were stacked against the Blacks as they are, that was not reminded to the chat room. Only that they had full honor. They must behave with honor in everything and at every time.
The people of the USA must behave with honor. That is the expectation which defines the normative mark. This expectation is beyond the psychology of human behavior. It is an expectation therefore, beyond the science of say economics, because this goes into the strange aspect in the field, of political behavior. The Celts revolting was political.
In terms of the elections, we are all the same polity, by definition, anything and all over the range of predefined political behavior. It is what it is supposed to be. Even its normal voting levels that had gone way down among the poor, minorities, and especially the young, have gone up! Under the so called Bernie revolution, that which is thought most proper in politics is occurring, uninvolved voters were getting involved.
Donald Trump has engendered emotions in the spectrum. People love him and hate him. His actions like the odd polity of the USA, makes him hard to define under the lens of political science as a President Elect. His behavior has no historic precedence in past Presidential candidate (or President Elect), at this late point after the Presidential election process.
Politics in America right now is all about the Presidential Results (much of this article was written before the elections), but a horrific shooting of 5 police officers in Dallas raised more questions than answers and the whole Nation paused to get those answers! As in economics, political science studies behavior of humans, instead of spending patterns, we look at voting patterns and what a candidate did to get that vote. We try to determine what normal human behavior is. For instance most humans are concerned for disasters and health care. They will be encouraged to vote for a candidate they believe prioritizes those things. This priority is a behavioral bias, just as in economics.
After the shooting in Dallas, President Obama was grim and dutifully centrist in his grief. President George Bush’s speech writer used elements of style (I laughed about it) that reminded me of myself, very stylized. But in the end a division had been cast. Hillary behaved herself with Bernie in the past weeks as the Democratic Convention and the Republican Convention rapped up. Bernie, who is the single most well liked candidate by activists, and so naturally the revolution likes him, made the required gestures of support for the Democratic frontrunner. The Donald, being nicknamed “Drumph” by activists at a protest thrown against his nomination earlier this month in Dallas, (odtv live stream) on YouTube covered the event with Next Generation Action Network. (This news summary comes from before both nominations were voted in Primary elections, and before the Democratic and Republican conventions).
YouTube is where odtv live stream can be found. That station’s broadcast will shadow these articles, but alas our team was out of harm’s way, and captured only some day-after stills photos by Mel Lowe in blog, but the story after the grief of the moment faded was the Bernie camp trying to morph into a new powerful player in congressional elections 2016, or as a full blown surrender, weeping ‘tell your delegates to stay home, and make no trouble with the party about the nefarious super delegate system’! On the other side it seemed for all appearances, the Republican Party did not want Trump. There have been a series of accusations by Trump against the Republican Party powers in DC, of rigging the election (it is now, more than a month after the election). For both sides it seemed the ultimate departure from democratic elections. We will talk about Wasserman-Schultz at the center of a “rigging” allegations being cast by Berners and activists, in later articles.
To speak a little more about the Presidential, Trump, by evidence of events in Southern states like Texas, has plenty of folks believing in him. He has also, on a much smaller relative scale than Bernie, energized previously nonvoting populations (This was a prediction in outcomes, everybody was with Bernie, and they did not like Hillary, and it played out on election day). This energy happened with Obama during his first election, and the outcomes of “Change”, would represent a restrainer now, on activist voting. Only time will tell if the kind of change Trump offers, will resonate and then follow through over 4 or 8 years.
But none of that mattered in the month of the shooting of officers that passed, for the death toll in what seemed a war, rose further not long afterwards. Micah Johnson was considered by the mainstream as a combatant or ‘mentally ill’, the former, a definition in non science that has the most racial division outcome. So while all these political actors were “behaving” according to the laws of psychology, there were 5, and then 6 grieving families. From across the country, they continued to bury them. Their grief was increased, not soothed away by the weeks of violence and shootings, seven by then, only weeks after the Dallas shootings. And afterwards we read a political article, and have to decide how many to we should have grieved.

Byron E. Montgomery Damned Dolls Political Columnist

Photos by Mel Lowe

Here are some shots, one of our photographers took for the story.

We are currently trying to retrieve the shots from the closed emag website where housed.