Sanjay Sharma Masks (episode 6) Art, Culture, Science, Revolution Radio and TV In Game Activism

The Masks We Wear, the Faces We Hide. Hidden meaning in acrylic colorist Sanjay Sharma

Sanjay Sharma ist an incredible imagination, wherein are found symbolic lotus eyes, colour of spiritual significance, and a seeming worship of faces. When I discovered his work on a Facebook Acrylic Art group, I said the following concerning his public facing artwork:

The face is enough. It is all of artes. Therein lies the supreme eye, which encompasses all needed to know the face. The face tells all! Hope to review about 15 selected canvases of yours! You’re definitely noble!

Since then the artist, as all the others, offered me his friendship. But reviewing Le Baron Sanjay is far more daunting than gaining his permission. My feeble descriptions do not approach understanding the masks, or faces of his art.

The above could take hours to fully parse in words. I am reminded of the man face in sun images. Recently I focused on the C S Lewis Narnian Santa. Just as in Lewis, this jolly bearded Slav got into the readers heart, and this is the mission for the viewer of fine art. So until We interview his grace, We can assume he is a message man, and a symbolist, in the midst of being an imaginative composer with a refreshing return to realism, from out the chasm of abstraction, losing not one lesson of the journey in said return. These lines are thin and well represent reality, while entering an almost animated or sketched intention. This one is as green as Rama, but I am transported to the forest, not reticent because I am unworthy spirituality. In this these works are inclusive of the viewer.

Rama is a Form of the heavenly Father in the Hindu cosmology. Rama ist green! Here is our beloved eye, looking at the dream, and we the dreamer, before the altar of the human face. Don’t we think Davinci sought this goal? The size of the eyes in these figures is significant. Let’s continue to search for why that ist! There is always an atmospheric backdrop in these.

These faces have an Africanized fullness of lip, exaggerated in presentation. Is this the true beauty of Aphrodite? Her eyes, her full lips. Every other human feature is exaggerated though, the cheeks are rolling hills, and they are filled with markings. I will have to ask Baron Sanjay, if there is actual Devanagari script in them! Note, there is no knowing some things, without talking directly to an artist. Note the wide variety of pure undiluted primaries that say: colorist!

The painting above is in the series rubric but we are not sure we are seeing a Sanskrit Deity, perhaps this one is merely human. Of course the faith teaches that we are all God on the inside. Notable is he is out of the Primaries and into a narrow palette of gruen! We couldn’t resist to use Daggarfall dialect. This print is just the supporting media of a live show in their honor, lol! PS this ist not the only blood stained portrait, their are wounds.

I see that the artist has repeated his pattern of linework decorations near the neck, one a ‘tattoo’, one an ’embroidered’ collar. Below this motif is carried by the tail of a peacock. This bird is a symbol of Krishna (God).

As I sought to choose frames that followed some ideological progression, I realized that Sanjay is actually a portraitist, even as Modigliani and Picasso, both of whom were anatomically unconcerned, having come out of art school, painting with photographic accuracy and thin, light defined sketch lines.

You can see the anatomy of the face, beneath the stylizations employed. Perhaps the exaggerated lips indicate a speaker, hehehe. Is he spewing emeralds or coals? A coal in your stocking for Christmas Elia!

As I went through them becoming excited, but anxious about my selection of canvases to review, meanwhile Le Baron began posting more and more to the public. When the above appeared, I previewed the show, including it immediately. I said that God sees through the eyes of love, and Sanjay looks into the face of God and sees an all seeing lotus eye. The lines of sketching at the neck art here. Here’s one with pronounced art treatment instead of stylized faux script, at the neck/collar/chin.

In the activist news, a small child, found in a remote desert ramshackle compound. He was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital with the markings of an Islamic exorcism. Activists working with the allies on behalf of Palestinians, etc, decried the common responses saying the complete qualified debates or interviews are out there for the search. Also salient to me is these forward acting activist Muslims decry hot day Burkas and any misogyny. This means we need not worry if his concerns are bias. He has not yet responded to the Facebook question.

Pictured above ist the calligraphy of a Quran page, the one dealing with these matters.

I did not feel well, so no museum crawl, no classical concert, nor ballet production was watched. I told a few listeners in the gamespace (not broadcast, only in game) That I received a telepathy about my appearance to many, and the devastation of my words, and the courage of confronting Rothschild etc would have to have been prophesied by seers in the deep past. I told them to look for a green man in glyphs and murals and carvings of proto America, Ancient Egypt, and Austrailia, Laurent caves, city of Ur, Babylon, even archaeological sites in Israel. What I’ve found so far was a ponderous amount, not even distant from the green, the lion, tele-lines flowing in the aura, and such. Found these!

This Proto America has compelling highlights. Carved over a fountain, they must have known it was going to be very gruen. These ancients didnt miss such stuff. The tele lines art here tinted green by this predicted cover.

He holds the dead of the gangs in truce, Sangre et Blau as we say, at least I do. But he holds power over noteworthy dead. They art tied to him wherever he walks, tied to his legs, these dead are labeled, so the Saints? (See the past show about the Silk Road), there are saints in the room of a king, the ghosts of saints! Note royal gold, is dressed in green

This image clearly depicts warriors in green adornments subduing an enemy, who only hears the green, but does not otherwise adorn in green. Besides this, notice the blooded gold cloak or jack of the king. He ist subdued by his head, by words going in his ear. Would you believe 10 images confirming the man in green armour with telepathic lines coming forth, all disappeared from google by the time I awakened. They were all downloaded and just dissappeared.

Regardless as to how exposed and endangered from all sides I am, things do fall through the cracks. Like the above. A golden celestial, gold is king’s colour, adorned in green, breathes a marked scroll into the whole world. Principalities compete and war about him, 3 great dragons or beasts compete above the scene. It’s Daggerfall! Its Satan, the Great Witch, and Rothschild in a constant conflagration over Elia! Lol!

I choose this for Sangre et Blau.

And this. A king of le colour du revolucion sits with clear crests across his lower curass. The curass ist orang et gruen. Sad!

He spits script at a basket? Try microphone.

I found many more afterwards, each compels in some way the sangre et blau, the gruen and the orang, beyond this the cross culture royal colour ist gold.

Cross cultural is colour du chanson.

The Greeks and Roman’s and other Proto Mediterranean and Mesopotamian cultures had glazing technique to produce sangre, blue or black and gold. Here blue is dark to black or green.

These 4 color combination, when we began assuming them as Daggarfall colours some months ago, we completely had no idea about these being predicted by a huge set of artifacts. Did the ancients just know?

I can find no other driving repeated hues, like purple or even browns, no full palette as blau is seen as aqua or gruen, and sangre and gold art constant. The one above is a revolution coloured dignitary or mystic, his curass ist gruen. And the king’s gold is everywhere.

On with the artwork. Below the face of the house wears a sunny smile. The oversize flowers are an abstraction in this bliss. Heart warmth, joy in the inhospitable desert!

Only the artist knows, in some dreamed of interview via messenger. We can only dream of that audio going out to the YouTube channel.

The face of a child. All ye need to know ist in the face!

The eye is shaped like a lotus leaf, which is shaped like a peacock feather.

The face of pain.

We have carried Him around with us wherever We have gone. A wallpaper of the life in review of any painting. The pallete ist ve narrow. (In Daggerfall dialect). But they are stark, and rule opposites. This can live with you for a long time, the earth is green and from earth, blue from space.

They art in reviewer’s order. I want to talk about the colorist. Within the two nations of color are a million immigrant tiny colouréd kingdoms tiny symbols. A massive red symbol lies at the neck, as he flies above deepest azure. He could be a corpse, sliced at the neck, a face of war.

Yes a palette which is gracefully narrow, but we still must find our way inside art world. We must discover the common thread of beauty and meaning which endears him into our eyes. What place, what land of art, what forest did he come from, before he was faces.

Perhaps maestro sought to match the fire of flowers in vases of impressionists, and the village scenes of impressionism. An homage, nothing more. The irritating king reviéwer, will take ye back to the stark realm of masks, and a colorist’s symbols. Sometimes toxic

Sometimes gentle

We like this conundrum of color comfort. That is the romantic intrinsic value of impressionism on the highly abstracted alter of the current progress among modern artists. Do they even see it as progress?

The hazard line is supposed to be toxic if not housed in a million spring greens of a field. Almost the identical lime of the previous mask, nearly identical palettes, though washed in the second, the latter is gentle in contrast to the color, the first less so. Again some are the faces in crisis, even death.

Joy is redefined away from common pastoral representation of color. This is also the face of happiness.

The Divines, the great heroes, dead and past, lay beside his ear. They bother him and tell him secrets, like the right Hand of Christ he got off Iago, James of the Judeo. Christ’s right Hand wast raised. Lol Rabbi, now me wonders if it was. The faces of great spirits. Wait….ist everyone from the Daggārrfāll? How’d you know Lord Baron?

Enough fun, thanks for reading the written and graphic portion of Revolution Radio/TV and Culture Club!