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The Blood Silencer

The Words Nobody Say
A Homily On Sunday’s Shootings in Las Vegas

Last Sunday night was a normal night for most of America, and for your writer. I went through a normal routine, trying to make myself read the news, the political cycles. Suddenly, you are ferociously combing through YouTube live feeds to find a channel in Las Vegas. Then you are sorry that you did. You are greeted numbly to a modern day nightmare. It is surreal in the extreme and dissociative viewing states took America as we found those channels and regretted. But this was the beginning of horror, and of strangeness, because nothing makes sense!

Normal, normative, things we’ll probably miss after this strangely messaging night, whenever we find a sane mind behind the trigger. Nothing’s normal or will be fully explained about a ‘normal’ guy, pulling the trigger. 50 people and 500 plus wounded, and a shooter who is an absolute mystery. We watched it happen, as it was happening, which is doubly horrible. We saw flashes from the lower floors, making us to doubt all our conclusions, all our thoughts about who was this shooter.

We are left with stark analyses of our culture, and our gun regulations. But what is everyone missing, with the story I had spun on Facebook as the ‘blood silencer’, someone on the 4th floor was shooting, but also perhaps more shooters. At one point in the frenzy I heard a girl say “they are shooting from down here”! Were there more? With silencers you wouldn’t know, and speculation is meaningless. But we don’t even know if there were 2 or more shooters, we heard them screaming about two shooters, to warn people. Neither Las Vegas, nor the Federal Police has said so. Again with the, nobody-saying-anything!

The man on the upper floors, who had knocked out two windows overlooking the concert we were told was Stephen Paddock, decedent. Oh no, decedent, we’ll never know. He’s dead, and in the aftermath of his life the President’s son and Republican Congress experienced a kind of hubris over a silencer cronyism for the son, and a big NRA ass kissing lick from the dead men of Elephant.
Called the ‘Stock’ bill for the kind of specialized assault weapon accouchement they were ‘cronying’ at the moment. This to make said crony a heap of money, well! Even them, those without the slightest care for the public, were paused, as if pensive elephants, and so, “blood silencers”, and the question of silencers and the Mandalay Hotel rankers. But the blood silenced Congress.

We do not know if there were two or more but one of the gunmen on the upper floors ended up with a pack full of automatic weapons. Certain authors in the independent media held to another view, a more skeptical of an overall, false flag view at the step we are describing. And they’re right! Absolutely inconclusive as to where (in a false flag operation) the guns were at anytime, before this the wrong patsy, was accidentally, necessarily fingered. We’ll just play deaf and dumb from that other writer, and continue as if a cache of weapons were indeed on the 32 floor. A pack that turned out to be 4 or more suitcases full of automatic weapons. That is the amount of weapons in such a cache.
Was he crazy?

The heavily southern accented Sherriff on national TV immediately said he was, as carried on CNN, my achy fingers had found a cable remote, and found the live unctuous CNN circus. Was he told to say the man is crazy? Just wondering if it was supposed to be obvious to everyone? He certainly seemed calm and collected to my thinking. He calmly shot people dead in a crowd and reloaded, coolly, continued to shoot and change weapons, to rapidly spray the crowd. But he was never wild in his method. I watched him wait for the victims to start running again, and pick them off. He was military minded, and given his background, he was simply highly trained, almost a nobody with the money to shop the wide open door of gun buying in Vegas. I was there, I saw it. You are in a continuous gun show on your Vegas vacation. You can buy, anyone can buy guns in the Vegas shows. They say restrictions would not have caught him. He was a spotless White man, successful big bwana. He was living off his laurels or inheritance, without a care, or a psychosis. A spotless lamb, whose mind was suddenly, and mind you they have an analysis of such psychotic breaks, and already, this does not present – suddenly capable of deep-state psychotic violence.
He was pretty calm and collected, like a soldier if you asked me. He did this all, before the police could get to him. That’s calm. Then there’s the brother. The brother said to the American people, He’s not crazy, and we looked into his eyes, and we knew the truth of it. We now then know he was not crazy, and that is a whirlwind of doubt making. Where does ‘not crazy’ leave us? In the pit is where, and this story is the pendulum blade swinging closer and closer, with all possible outcomes that are not ‘he’s crazy’ leading to worse and worse speculative outcomes.

In closing this big nothing of a story, and 50 souls departing the circle of the Earth art not a nothing, I’d like to say that with the truth unknown it’s not a story either. We don’t buy troubled stories from the Sherriff, the Senator, the Congressman, or Trump’s son. We buy the look of a being from the same parents. So here it is, the worst theory you ever thought you wanted to hear about the Las Vegas Massacre. What if it’s a plague? Just as ancient Egypt and perhaps only slightly darker Israel were a master ethnic and a slave ethnic, and all whilst knowing in our modern Theism, that God does not favor ethnicities or persons, but only deeds, wickedness must be halted. Slaves under a wickedness must be liberated until that slavery is gone. Slavery is not gone! If it’s a plague, then it’s the first. Maybe the creation of a race war can never go well for the Kings upon the Hudson. If it’s the first, bring me home Dad, I don’t want to see what You are doing on my behalf. I’m too weak, and indoctrinated into peace to be of any real use to the revolution. But I write a decent sentence. I’m critical, I don’t just accept, and so make good theory, other than this last. It’s just too…horribly possible. Any chance all Whites could look at Black people a little differently when we wake up, (because it was a country concert) (a White concert), and Father could say, Oh! No plague will be needed at this time. They cancelled their NRA Blood Silencer bill.

Byron Montgomery is the writer for DIY News and produces odtv live stream on YouTube