Archival Footage from ODTV on

The controversy at the heart of accusations of conspiracy against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, heated again last week as we upload archival footage to odtv live stream. I remember Bernie’s Rally, the overflow crowds, the hope! Full story coming.

The Man They Robbed

Olinka Green has been a force in Dallas Black Awareness for as long as we have been acquainted with her. We were invited to view a presentation and capture this for activist television. She underwent a trial of fire, when defending the justice over the slaying by Klan type cops of unarmed African Americans. This is the first part of her interview by Rev Jeffrey Hood. They’re rather hard to manipulate, but we’ll get more up soon! Enjoy the incredible Olinka Green of Texas, contact her by request, to DIY News. Having to report racist activity in cyber concerning this cite to the FBI. Hopefully, its not the FBI doing the hacking!

Olinka at Cathedral of Hope pt1

Olinka at Cathedral of Hope pt2

When we heard of Bernie Sanders coming to Dallas to rally his Presidential support, it filled me with excitement, after all those weeks and months of pro Labour and middle classes. Live coverage included digital camera footage, not broadcast.