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ODTV stands for Occupy Dallas Television. We began at the inception of Occupy Wall Street to try to livestream from camp and then from GA. This at first was done by using Livestream.com pc version, which later was forced on cell phones to the very limiting android version. A benefactor from the activists received one of the then rare Youtube business Livestream Channel licences. This is where the current station began as (odtv live stream) on Youtube. The first major broadcast was The Million Mask March 2015 Dallas


That was the kernel, often joined by videographers Bucky Fuller, Adam Peck, and still photographer Melowe, and some time vodeographer Raymond Sanford, and lastly trusted videography assistant Serita, are all who have tried to assist in bringing live coverage. Many unmentioned here gave rides, money, or other assistance to our news team (all vetted former Occupiers), and edited for $1 per anum by Glenn Guilbert, the ODTV team was a political and arts, news e-magazine force in the making since the suspicious destruction of the Occupy encampments accross this country. Join us for the final phase to becoming a fully versed media outlet of unvarnished truth!

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Byron Montgomery

Political Writer for DIY News

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