Dallas Morning News eases into my story, but they got some things Mixed Up

Byron E. Montgomery

Sorry about the rush publish. Here’s what you don’t know. Kaletha Dotson is running for JP 1.1. Remember that number, it’s a funny little number that is creeping it’s way into a National level scandal. It was my original story, and got so big, Belo had to run a spin job for Gentrification/Prison Industrial Complex Judge Thomas Jones, which is still effectively unethically blocking his ballot opponent. I say the DMN story, and the guy, flubbed it. That’s not what happened. I was merely awaiting a chance to interview Kaletha, but couldn’t while the legal story was in flux, she may have to appear in court to finally end the matter.

The Other day I rapidly posted a response on Facebook, which I gave to the woman who shared the DMN story. She was making a point about division and inaction in Dem candidates, chairs, and Headquarters staff itself. Party Chair, Carol Donavan was denegrated. But as you will read, 2 of her actions don’t fit the Belo rubric. Read on!

Reply to the DMN story about the storm of ballot complaints, scandalizing Dallas’ unethical ballot rule practitioners, candidates and rule makers from the Democratic Party of Dallas, this can’t happen in most counties, because of the rules they have in place, and it came to involve the State of Texas, which approves the candidates to the ballot. They too look funny because of this story. Now your ready to read the reply. Here’s a link to a Facebook post that may not work due to privacy, rushing forward has its bad.


Here’s the link to the Morning News story that set me off rushing to defend my scoop and end Belo spin of it!


The Dallas Morning News is mostly full of hot air on this story. That is not what happened! Kaletha qualified as candidate, with affidavit qualified voters was ready to go, and the instructions on the regressive petition application says put the number there, it doesn’t say on every page. It’s something they’re going to change now. The other thing that happened, Judge Thomas Jones who is highly threatened by a black woman opponent, decided to do something unethical in the verification of petition applications. He is being censured for the 3rd time by the way, for his slum lord ethics as what Dallas Elite, and their newspaper support, which is gentrification. So odious and obvious Carol lost decorum with the son of the devloper partnered with the dystopic kangaroo slum lord protection court, 3rd censor coming up! It was his only way to win against Kalitha Dotson a penniless Harvard Scholar on full ride, commuting and taking care of family as a single person.

He filed the specious complaint, hours before the deadline, she was out, and for no legal reason, only regressive rules and instructions, in place at the Dallas DNC, so that part of your story is on point! It’s just not what happened, because gentrification and Prison pipelines have powerful legal advisors to offer him, he was ready for that which the Republicans only found out from the stink! He was fought, Carol and the ethical part of the Dems, fought, a week later, and the State of Texas by its regressive election qualification for ballot system had accidently left her on the ballot. Enter the high dollar power of the Prison Industrial Complex, a nationally known lawyer team was suddenly available to him from Austin, he traveled there, and Texas caved at the threat to sue, Kaletha was back off, slum lords, prison plantations back in play.

Now two days later, she is fighting still, preparing to appeal, no money for the filing fee, Carol and the Dems hire her, so she won’t starve (mysteriously she lost her job the day this heated up, that’s why Carol hired her). About this time, the Grand Ol White party got wind of this loophole and moved to remove all this big passel of Dems (Black women Dems against old White Republican challengers a bunch of em). All them possums were suddenly unopposed. Don’t just call them out, you also missed the following.

A bunch of unethical incumbent Dems found out, and got rid of their ‘new blood’ young Black female judge opponents, this is Prison Pipeline power, and you cannot limit it to Republicans, you didn’t mention all those Dems who suddenly filed the same complaint. Is Kaletha back on the ballot, not after weeks with more serious complaint bearing candidates than Kaletha are all back on the ballot as if with immediacy, she’s sitting like a stone, the State not hearing her appeal, and neither taking her complaint on the odd nature of the Jones signatures, many many from 1930 birth dates. (I’m an election judge, I know they’ll have to make a ballot addition out of her if this continues).

This is election petition immorality and Morning News spin. Several people the courts saw fit to reinstate to the ballot in hours, our girl, 3 weeks, and still waiting and working down at the Party office, at least she won’t starve. This story is still changing. YouTube interview and article coming up at

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Due to scheduling technical issues, we cannot announce the recordings as an event. Follow the YouTube channel. In this atmosphere of independent press censoring we benefit from impromptu broadcasts (signal quality). It will be within days. And an update to the blog will be entered as a link.

Byron Montgomery
Precinct 1015

Follow developments in comments, and on YouTube at linked channel on main page. We should have an interview with Kalitha and some other involved witnesses to the Thomas Jones ballot ethics scandal. Here comes the damn National Press! Thanks for reading DIY!

Story is now conjoined with the following:

A couple of days ago I was made aware of a very strange occurrence of Neoliberal or Corporate Democrat power in Dallas. And in this case that power represents something we call on the left, the prison industrial complex.

I wrote the following on Facebook this week:

A candidate for J.P., Kaletha Dotson, a penniless Harvard Scholar, African American Single Mother who wants to end the Dallas Melanated Prison Pipeline, ran afoul of Neoliberal Dallas DNC (for whom do these rules and power of decision come into play), where the DNC accepted an unethical and timed attempt to invalidate valid signatures 9f his opponent. Hours before the deadline he used regressive instruction sets, first time candidacy, to file a complaint that Kaletha did not have the 1.1 JP district on each page of signatures, most pages do. The instructions are not explicit to the point of this omission and must be revised, ‘nother story!

Thomas Jones ist the slum Lord friend. He ALWAYS sides for them, it’s a good system, except he picked up two ethical violations and is looking like a third will surface disbarring him. Countless melanated suspects have been railroaded under his watch, their White counterparts, you’ll be fine! Carol was in the right place, don’t know how she had the balls to speak in the foyer to his son about this corrupt bench, but she did, she felt my pain as the gag order kept me from blowing that Coon show up while my babies ride the White PIC to prison, effectivly removing them from the competition I sing.

Donovan and Powell certainly seemed beneficial, and after her outburst in front of all the unvetted Our Revolution Dem Candidates, putting his son, his system of slum Lord assistance on blast, we have to trust her, in fact I reaffirm Connie Jahn by endorsing Carol, here in 1015. But I was ready to fight the White system and was gagged for some reason. We are unleashed, calling ACLU to defend his last nefarious act to be alone on the 1.1 ballot (he’s suing her). By the way, not only is her petition covered by affidavit commitments by people in her district who already love this woman, Jones’ signatures look funny, from 1930 these voter birth dates. Look, we sent one political family to jail for mail ins from 1929 birthed voters. What kind of signature inspection did Powell conduct?? The State got Simon LeGree’s complaint form too late as he waited knowing the docs were very real and Kaletha could get affidavits by sneezing. She got signatures while wearing the, JP 1.1 tee shirts everywhere she went. The whole thing stinks! God had her back, and evil waited so late (as planned), that the State just put her on there, and Dallas DNC was relieved of power to change it or be sued by judge loathsome, that was his threat, to sue the Dallas DNC. Uuuuuugh, goodbye Neoliberal Corporate Dems, whatever your ethnicity, the money you court is green and you art dismissed from the Dallas Dems!!

So here we are, with Kaletha now back on the ballot (at this printing she was removed again, but the evidence hath not changed, and we will expose this story. Not just for the Corporate Dems or Neoliberals, whatever you call them (yes, there’s a debate) in Dallas, but we wonder at DIY how many 1930’s voters are on petitions to get on the ballot across the Nation. This story has to have been replicated, because greed for the PIC is replicated! The taking back of the Democratic Party from Neoliberals becomes our most important work under the hones of millions of Democrat voters (they’ll not vote otherwise), and crossover Republicans in the current ethics brouhaha. The so called Left does not exist without those voters, our only position towards them, looking the other way on a variety of issues that present a corporate face, like prisons in each major metropolis jurisdiction across the country, filled with minority inmates. Or leadership votes for a DNC that rehired Debbie Wasserman Schultz as his first act. No, the voting for Perez in each of our major cities, filled with Black women Democrats that delivered us a victory over Moore, is something far more important and insideous. The Prison Pipeline must end, and in further Party efforts Nationally, the Earth policing mentality of the Party must end, this is Neoliberalism.

When I first heard these allegations, I became both worried and angry, because I became suspicious. I prepared the following statement to be made at the poll position drawing of the Dallas Dems, it was never made under a gag order on Kaletha, which I then honored.

In preparing a brief statement for the Democratic Party I want to reaffirm that the activist community is loyal to the Democratic party in principle and opposed to the Republican Party under the same principle. But principles aside, one cannot help but notice recent activities in the party of Dallas as in every other major city, would leave several reasons for concern.

Who in this room was a Party to the voting for Party Chair recently? And which of you voted for Perez and thus for Wasserman? Did you know Perez would appoint Wasserman as his first action?

Thomas Jones Prison Industrial Complex (another Neoliberal thing) Justice under ethical review, files a technicality involving 3 numeric symbols on a few of the petition pages of Justice Candidate Kaletha Dotson. That was judge Powell’s doing, though his ‘prudence’ was used to forgive the infractions of the Black Prison Pipeline candidate under ethical review, while telling voters how changed we are on the issues. Every city, starting with Dallas must make itself felt to start distancing from Corporate Dems.

Do you recognize Hillary Clinton as a Neoliberal? Do you recognize Perez and Wasserman as Neoliberals? Who in here?? Spell Your Name for Activist TV!

Where do we go from here Mighty Western Nation? Into endless wars, building endless minority filled work camps, looking the other way at Wall Street rulership of Washington, is that the future of the Left.

I’m sure your future contains editorials from DIY News, until then, here is the exclusive interview of Kaletha Dotson candidate, still, praise God (removed again by State of Texas at this printing), for JP 1.1, goodbye Slum Lord Judge!


Solo, dear readers, today I was banned from Facebook for the following. The offending word is “Coon” I believe. I’d better not use it again, so look for a replacement word when reading the irreverent one on WordPress. Here’s the Facebook Post:

I was told it was for reasons of profanity my comment was removed. But I don’t really believe that, because you have an option to edit any post on your group page, and this is a cussing matter. So here’s one Tim West can’t remove dammit!

DMN gets on my nerves with their coverage of this story. First of all, this did not start with the evil Dallas GOP, though I grant you, they are. The real story, and I have tried to tell it, starts with an unethical removal of his only competitor from the ballot with shady methods by God Damn Demon ass, Coon Prison Pipeline, Gentrification, Slum Lord serving Steven, JP Thomas Jones!

He started this by using a shady method to remove her based on her qualifying signatures. Her signatures are real, whereas his come from a bunch of dead folks.

Black Dems of Dallas are well familiar with the Elder voters who are never removed from the rolls after they die. There’s 1000’s. In an upcoming story, an eye witness will tell you she witnessed this end of voting day practice, with all poll workers complicit in such a scheme. He was foolish to use that in his own signatures, the challenge to these signatures in court, only after he did the unethical complaint on her very valid signatures, is how the disgusting money demons of the GOP picked it up. Then they and also a ton of Dems got all their opponents kicked. Everyone eventually got reinstated, but Kaletha.

It is important to the wealthy White men who rule Dallas, to keep gentrification going and having a judge in your pocket insures smooth sailing. Demon ass never expected the GOP to hear of and use this shady candidate stacking of his JP1.1 race. That JP1.1 designation was missing from a few pages of her petitions. GOP learned this new trick from Jones who suddenly found himself lawyered up with high power Austin Lawyers he did not have to hire. Moneyed interests in Dallas were behind him. They threatened to sue the Dallas Dems.

After my story began to break, I was bombarded by calls from some of the Black Dallas Dems old guard, concerned and defensive at my article. But the truth was NEVER told by gentrification rag, the Dallas Morning News, and I called them on it. One might of thought the Old Black guard was working for the DMN. They had their good reason to get Kaletha Dotson out of the news. She found out inadvertently, while trying to defend herself from steppinfetchit Jones, a much bigger scandal of Ballot tampering goes back many many election cycles in Black Dallas!

We’re marking time. The witness and her advisors believe we need more proof! Her eyewitnessing ballot tampering is good enough proof, and Jones started it all with his phony signatures, the White tented election judiciary cannot somehow see, though they have now reversed all the specious signature challenges, and heard each case, except Kaletha’s filed case against Jones to save her candidacy! That’s not that strange given the corruption of Jones and District 3, which must emerge sooner or later. Believe me this post, which the original was not even this detailed, Tim West saw fit to remove for profanity, instead of edit. He claimed I could clean it up and post, but it’s gone, so I made one they can’t remove, which you all should be cussing. Tim West if you have that post of mine, just take the cuss words out, which you should have done in the first place! Waiting for you to do that is not however, at all logical, because you would have done it already.

Yes the GOP art disgusting and should be removed by our voting In November. Of course they are unethical and thought what Jones did to Kaletha was a good method to not face new blood Republicans. But no, they didn’t do it first, Jones did. And a bunch of Dems cleared their opponents this way, when they saw Jones seemed to have the full support of the State of Texas itself. They like election stealing lockstep duopolists who pose for Dem voters as lovers of Prison justice, Gentrification justice, ballot practice ethics, on on on! They get coon preachers to preach it on Sunday, keep the coons in office, keep the White gentrification and Black Prison Pipeline rolling at all costs. Given the Bishop Arts, the Fair Park, these Whypipo need Jones. And now you’re smelling the REAL story DMN hath failed to tell, in 3 attempts.

Jones corrupt judge stylings are to be let be, while they bloviate about the demon GOP and just as demonic in the DEM themselves.

Will this story of election tampering ever break. Just don’t know why my witness doesn’t speak, but this whole thing could actually endanger her life and that is certainly worth cussing, Messeur Tim! Thanks for keeping Facebook profanity free, but you see my dear, that ist just bullshit!!

Byron Montgomery is chief writer on the News Team at DIY News on WordPress.
He also runs the activist news channel on YouTube called
odtv live stream


The Ride of The Magnificent 7

Deborah Beltran and 6 other well known Dallas activists, challenged the improper distance ordinance suddenly created just prior to the opening of the George Bush Library. We were There! Full Story to come.

The Awful Ending of US Slavery

Slavery ended in 1865 ostensibly. There’s a growing sociological anthropological scholarlyopinion that slavery actually never ended and is only ending now. Emancipation of the slaves and the eventual emancipation afterwards of Texas slaves; were they free or a different kind of slaves created? My parents used to tell me about sharecropping, mostly my mother, who was raised in the country. Slaves in this way were birthed into freedom only onto unending bond servitude to the European land owner. And at the very moment of freedom, legislature enacted a series of anti-African American laws, designed to subjugate a people. They were known as Jim Crow laws, but some not mentioned as such were Federally enacted, with the high courts handing down Dread Scott to the gallows. Clearly Madison thought being enslaved was worthy of a declaration of war.

Slavery ended in 1865 ostensibly. There’s a growing sociological anthropological opinion that slavery actually never ended and is only ending now. Emancipation of the slaves and the eventual emancipation afterwards of Texas slaves; were they free or a different kind of slaves created? My parents used to tell me about sharecropping, mostly my mother, who was raised in the country. Slaves in this way were birthed into freedom only onto unending bond servitude to the European land owner. And at the very moment of freedom, legislature enacted a series of anti-African American laws, designed to subjugate a people. They were known as Jim Crow laws, but some not mentioned as such were Federally enacted, with the high courts handing down Dread Scott to the gallows. Clearly Madison thought being enslaved was worthy of a declaration of war.
Let us take a look at annotated history on the matter. Without saying directly, scholarly work supports the premise that slavery never truly ended.

Is this where we thought we would be? Or where we thought we should be, with slavery itself struck down, even if by delay. That just means you’re in Texas. Now what? Looking at all the data, African Americans are slaves of long term cultural bias known as privilege. This means if you are melanated above a certain level, various privilege statuses disappear. “Segregation in the South and discrimination in the North did create a sheltered market for some black businesses (funeral homes, beauty parlors, and the like) that served a black community barred from patronizing “white” establishments. But the number was minuscule.” (Black Progress: How far we’ve come, and how far we have to go
Abigail Thernstrom and Stephan ThernstromSunday, March 1, 1998, page 1, par 6) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.brookings.edu/articles/black-progress-how-far-weve-come-and-how-far-we-have-to-go/amp/#ampshare=https://www.brookings.edu/articles/black-progress-how-far-weve-come-and-how-far-we-have-to-go/
Slavery and discrimination worked concomitant as true slavery was ending with discrimitory worker abuse vs death by sharecropping. That is, dying so poor, you could not then bury your self, incurring to your generations ponzi unachievable debt. These sound like the bonds of a slave to our meagre ears, we must be reading a different set of scholars.
And so we trudged into the 20th century, we bootstrap tribe, always measured by Europeans against our achievement outliers, so that we lacked self esteem Even the academic counterpoint, which this is, hath to make this tiresome journey with a people, no one in his right mind could today call freedom. They were free to be surrounded by two deadly options and immigrating as they could for their very life, before biblical level sharecropper usury caught them dead, where they were, dead without a grave! This is how it feels to live as a sclavos, in the Latin, having little then to do with ethnicity, we now know that to be yet another myth, thus obstacle to observation. The definitions of Slavery, especially flowing from free servitude into unpaid land bondage or serfdom, was thus fulfilled!

“Debt bondage slavery is one of the oldest forms of slavery that continues into the present
day.” (principle writer as instructor: Arianna Nowakowski) (2008, Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver)
pdf study intro “Finally, it is important to emphasize that whatever form it takes debt bondage is fundamentally a mechanism for drawing the vulnerable into slavery. It works on several levels, on one hand justifying and rationalizing enslavement under the cover of debt, and on the other hand pressing the (enslaved) debtor to accept their situation by placing the responsibility for repayment upon them.”

This scholarly article is very clear on the matter of the serfdom of African Americans in the 1800’s going forward, they were slaves in all but names, fleeing slavery into the arms of discrimination, or remain a debt slave. These are the inadvertent definitions used by deceptive rhetoric in the first cited conservative viewpoint on African American poverty as a blown up self pitying, whole ethnic sized, its very existence in the journals or annotated web, bears up this thesis. Even the view of US Slavery is detained by the journals and their publication choices.

Going into the 20th Century, my father grew up to indebtedness for the dream of educating the 4 of us. They went into debt, we received the superlative tutelage of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, and the Sisters of Marie of Namour. But the slavery, the unwritten barriers to everything! This was apartheid inside and outside the institutions of Dallas life for my mother and father and 4 children, 3, 2, 1, and little brother 0 (no planned parenthood as the White man had begun lying about that, for his Hickstian base sustainability. Everyone knows how the Illuminati, which hateth hicks, lies about Hickstianity, to get Republican politicians in place, and they serve the every wish of these forbidden to name Elites, in honor of dear dead Molly, I’mma call ‘em the, Voldemort Elites, you can call em Bildeburgers, Hudson River Kings, Baby Sacrificing Satanists, or the generic Illuminati, whatever, they most likely infest the American Castles lining the upper Hudson River Valley. They are the big slavemaster of all us! Though I am asking you academically, perhaps for the first time, the view from out African American eyes. What a journey, what an ending eh, dear reader? Goodnight.

(Final Thoughts and the support for Confederate Monuments to come)!